Canvas Art involves printing onto high quality textured canvas material and mounted onto wooden frames of thickness 1.5” to 2”. These prints are gaining popularity for use in homes, retail shops and offices due to their versatility. They can be customised to suit the theme of your interior decor and can be easily removed and relocated to another position for use.

How is our canvas art different from others? Read more about them here.

Wall stickers is a special PVC sticker which is so thin that when pasted onto walls or glass, they give a painted effect. They are a popular alternative to wall paper as they cover only selected portions of the wall, is maintenance free, lasting and their motifs can be customised.

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Thermal binding is a type of binding that holds your documents together without the need for punching holes. They are ideal for binding menu books, photobooks, handbooks, company proposals, music scores or any presentation materials. Thermal binded books are easier to stack and post as compared to ring binded books.

Our thermal binding uses a special steel channel with resin instead of the conventional glue to give it a more sturdy bind.

For those who require other forms of binding, we also provide bulk order wire binding services.